• Foundation gives out $117,000

    Foundation gives out $117,000

    The Boissevain and Morton Foundation made an important contribution to the community, with a special 2020 on the way.

    The Foundation made its disbursements on Thursday evening, November 14 at the Boissevain Curling Club. This year, the total of interest donated through designated and undesignated grants came to $117,265. The designated grants are ones where the donors choose the recipients. Undesignated see the Foundation Board meeting and making decisions from the many applications from worthy community groups. At one time earlier in its history, the breakdown was 75/25% in favour of designated grants. However, this year, the undesignated was at $57,000, while the designated came to $53,600. Executive Director Raylene Conway-Smith said since the special program Endow Manitoba started, it has made more money available for board-directed granting.

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  • No Stone Left Alone brings remembrance home

    No Stone Left Alone brings remembrance home

    Two special memorials to Boissevain’s veterans achieved their goal of connecting school students to their past and the sacrifices of those who went to war.

    On Tuesday, November 5, Boissevain School students, staff, school division and municipal officials, Legion members and the public participated in ceremonies at both the cemetery and the cenotaph. It was inspired by the No Stone Left Alone program, which places poppies on the graves of veterans to remember them. Teacher Rylee Woods was an organizer of the local version, and said all went well at both locations.

    “Everything went well today, even though the weather was a bit brisk, the sun was shining and I couldn’t have asked for more in that regard!” Woods stated.

  • Boissevain students participate in ‘No Stone Left Alone’ initative

    Boissevain students participate in ‘No Stone Left Alone’ initative

    With veterans fading into memory, Boissevain School is expanding its involvement in keeping their sacrifices alive with younger generations.

    As well as their traditional Remembrance Day ceremony, the school is involved in a larger program, which will see students going to appropriate sites on Tuesday, November 5 to honour those who fought for freedom in World War One, World War Two, Korea and more recent conflicts. One of the organizers, teacher Rylee Woods, said they wanted to grow their services this year.

    “We chose to do multiple events this year to reinforce the meaning behind Remembrance Day and to hopefully, increase the learning for the students,” Woods explained.

  • Donations and commitments needed for assisted living

    Donations and commitments needed for assisted living

    Every decision is not made and every kink is not worked out, but the assisted living facility is a definite go for the spring of 2020.

    Southwest Senior Housing hosted a community meeting on October 20 to update everyone on the progress so far, the next steps and to answer questions about the addition. The group has been working for several years to make the senior home come true and is getting into the final phases.

    They had their consultant Gordon Daman on hand for the meeting. Daman has experience in developing a facility siminlar to this in Niverville and has been a great asset to the organization. He went over the project, its amenities and particularities.

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