• Water rate increase reflects utility costs

    Water rate increase reflects utility costs

    The new water rates in Boissevain-Morton might not be what anyone wants to see, but the municipality says they are necessary to make the utility self-sustaining and to help alleviate past deficits.

    This fall, the municipality received permission from the Public Utilities Board to raise the water rates. This is the first increase since 2009, and has been a long time in coming. The rates, as explained in the letter sent out to ratepayers with the November water bills, will take effect on February 1. According to Head of Council Judy Swanson, the move was absolutely necessary.

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  • 100 years since end of First World War

    100 years since end of First World War

    Despite now being 100 years since the end of the “war to end all wars”, it is as appropriate as ever to remember the epoch-shaping conflict.

    This November 11 will mark the armistice that silenced the guns on the Western Front and ended military operations in what was the called the Great War. With millions dead since its beginning in 1914, after the assassination of the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand by a South Slav nationalist, the war would shake the world to its foundations and make terms like Tannenberg, Verdun, Ypres, Passchendaele and Gallipoli synonymous with a mechanized slaughter humanity had never seen.

  • $4 million upgrades to school on budget

    $4 million upgrades to school on budget

    It will not be long before staff and students at Boissevain School will be able to see the fruits of their sacrifices this fall.

    Starting last spring, the educational institution began the process of renewal and renovation. Originally built in 1962, with more added in subsequent years, the school needed some work and got quite a bit. The bricks on the wall of the east end of the building, as well as windows are changing, with new roofing, work on the southeast side and a new furnace system. Horizon Builders and subcontractors have been working away throughout the summer and fall, and Turtle Mountain School Division Superintendent Tim De Ruyck said practical completion is upon us.

  • 2018 Municipal Election results

    Manitobans headed to the polls October 24, 2018 to elect representatives for municipal councils and School Board. We will be updating results in our readership area as they become available.



    Acclaimed  Judy Swanson

    Councillor - Six Seats
    ELECTED George Heide VOTES 600
    ELECTED David Stead (incumbent) VOTES 572
    ELECTED Doug Troke VOTES 568
    ELECTED Rhonda Coupland (incumbent) VOTES 538
    ELECTED Eric Reichert (incumbent) VOTES 537
    ELECTED Rob Adams (incumbent) VOTES 461
    Doug Robertson (incumbent) VOTES 440
    Lonnie Graham (incumbent) VOTES 403
    Elmer McCallum (incumbent) VOTES 359
    Amanda Racine VOTES 297
    Lloyd Leganchuk VOTES 244

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