• Most challenging harvest for veteran farmer

    Most challenging harvest for veteran farmer

    Long-time farmer Blaine Mains has seen a lot of harvests, but he feels the fall of 2019 might be one of the most challenging of all.
    Late summer and early fall have seen temperature hikes and drops, but mostly a lot of precipitation. This has meant producers have been stalled getting the various crops off. Originally, October was to be a little better, and the first days of the past week were especially beguiling. But the rains came back on Wednesday, with snow coming that night and into the Thanksgiving weekend, with as much as 50 centimeters (20 inches). Producers took advantage of the good days, but continue to be left hanging for the future.

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  • Boissevain wins BIG    Communities in Bloom Grand Champion

    Boissevain wins BIG Communities in Bloom Grand Champion

    Boissevain has once again returned to the top in Communities in Bloom and are wondering what the future will hold for beautification in the municipality.

    On Saturday, September 28 at the Communities in Bloom National/International Symposium in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Boissevain-Morton was crowned the winner in the Grand Champions category over Castlegar, BC. It was one of many wins for the community, albeit the first for a long while. The impact was immediately felt.

    “There’s no words for it,” exclaimed Sandra Burton, who along with husband Frank, represented Boissevain in Yarmouth. “This is it. We did, we’ve done it all! There were all those big communities, and we were one of the little ones. We’re Grand Champions.”

  • Rains continue to plague harvest

    Rains continue to plague harvest

    In a story that is getting old very fast, harvest continues to be delayed by endless cycles of precipitation.

    In our area, producers have been getting on the fields whenever they can, trying to harvest their crops in when the rains are not coming. Since the fields have been ready, the rains have been falling. This includes last weekend’s dumping.

    After a period of less than ideal conditions, on Friday, September 20, thunder and lighting began, with heavy downpours. With only a few stoppages, the rains continued throughout Saturday. Sunday brought sun, but rain continued off and on in the early part of the week.

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