• Start of assisted living delayed to September

    Start of assisted living delayed to September

    The exercise in democracy is playing a role in the delay of the local assisted living project.

    Originally, the 35-unit facility was to have its groundbreaking by the end of August. However, as is not unusual, there have been a few delays. According to George Heide of the Turtle Mountain Heritage Group that is spearheading the effort, one of these is the dropping of the writ.

    “We’ve had a few hook ups in this, a few delays,” Heide explained, “and one of these is the election.”

    The government in Manitoba set a new provincial election for September 10. Heide said they were in contact with the government over a few unmentioned items, and as he explained, nothing much happens while an election is in the offing. It has slowed them down a little.

  • Highways to return passing lane to #10 south

    Highways to return passing lane to #10 south

    Sometimes agitation towards a goal can bring positive results.

    This is the case for the residents on #10 Highway south of Boissevain. Since Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation completed the resurfacing of the highway in that area two years ago, there have been complaints about the situation on the hill leading out of town. When the work was done, MIT eliminated the passing lane, which allowed traffic speeding up to 100km an hour to bypass slower vehicles. When it was removed it created a hazardous situation for those in the area turning off into their homes, businesses and to the Co-op card lock.

    “It was very dangerous,” explained Ivan Strain, whose family has residences and horses on the east side of the highway on the hill. “We could be hauling hay there, turning left and there were cars tramping the gas to get to 100km. I think we were lucky there was not a problem.”

  • New door manufacturing business for Boissevain

    New door manufacturing business for Boissevain

    It might not be exactly the same, but the story of an upcoming manufacturing business is similar to an old Remington shaver commercial.

    Partners Robert Dyck and Trevor Hicks did not like Findoor so much “they bought the company”, but the revolutionary doors did make enough of an impression that they bought in. Not only that, they will be producing a huge amount of the product in Boissevain in the near future.

    As Dyck explained, in 2018 a young salesman from Findoor visited them at Goodon Industries. He had a little trailer with samples of the company’s doors.

  • Council approve HyLife hog barn with conditions

    Council approve HyLife hog barn with conditions

    If conditions are met, Boissevain-Morton will have a new hog barn

    On Thursday, July 4, council gave a unanimous thumbs-ups, with Councillor David Stead not voting due to conflict of interest, to a HyLife hog nursery on the north end of the municipality. However, there are conditions, which the company must sign on to before it becomes official Head of Council Judy Swanson said.

    “Economic development is something we have to for sure look at,” Swanson said. “We also have an agreement that was part of the resolution that addresses concerns people had, so we covered our bases.”

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